This is not a final reservation, but a simple request. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the booking.

A budget you manage

You receive your quotation by mail, with all the details of your journey. The price is a forfeit.

A transportation of quality

Greetings, luggage’s loading, refreshments at disposal...

Tranquility and comfort

Enjoy a vehicule of great comfort to travel with serenity.

Customized service

Your Chauffeur leaves you at the chosen place, and comes back to pick you up when you want.

The Personal Chauffeur


The Personal Chauffeur mission is to insure you a safe and efficient driving to your destination.

As he is the first person you will meet at your arrival, he can you all the information you would need about the area (places to visit, restaurants, local activities, etc…..).

Entirely dedicated to your service, your Personal Chauffeur will drive you everywhere you need to go. He will also be able to organize a day of visit of the area if you are willing to.

As a professional driver, the Personal Chauffeur will escort you in all your appointments, and will be waiting for you to drive you back to your accommodation.


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Les partenaires de CPLR
Les partenaires de CPLR

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