1. Presentation of the site.

By virtue of the article 6 of law n ° 2004-575 of June 21st, 2004 for confidence in numerical economy, he is specified to the users of the chauffeurprivelarochelle.com site the identity of the different dealers as part of his realisation and of his monitoring:

Owner : Maximilien Descubes – 4, rue des Îles – 17440 Aytré

Creator : Guillaume Descubes

Representative publication : M. Descubes – 06 58 87 22 83

The representative publication is an individual or a legal entity.

Webmaster : G. Descubes – Guidescubes

Hébergeur : OVH – 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix

Maximilien Descubes tries hard to give chauffeurprivelarochelle.com with so definite on the site information as possible. However, he will not be able to be kept representative for omissions, in accuracies and deficiencies in the update, only they are of his fact or due to the third partners who give him this information.

Every information pointed out on the chauffeurprivelarochelle.com site is given for information only, and is likely to evolve. More over, information appearing on the chauffeurprivelarochelle.com site is not exhaustive. They are given subject to modifications having been brought since their online bet.


2. Contractual limitations on technical data.

The site uses JavaScript technology.

The internet site will not be able to be kept responsible for material damage linked to the use of the site. Besides, the user of the site promises to achieve the site by using a recent equipment, not containing virus and with a navigator of last generation mis-à-jour.


3. Intellectual property and counterfeiting.

Maximilien Descubes is possessing rights of possession intellectual or keeps customary rights on all accessible elements on the site, notably texts, pictures, styles of drawing, logo, icons, sounds, software.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part elements of the site, whatever is means or used technique, is forbidden, except prior written agreement of : Maximilien Descubes.

Any working not allowed by the site or by the one any of elements that it contains will be considered as constituting of acounter feiting and followed in accordance with the dispositions of articles L. 335-2and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.


4. Limitations of responsibility.

Maximilien Descubes will not be able to be kept representative for the direct and indirect damage caused in the equipment of the user, during the access to the chauffeurprivelarochelle.com site, and resultant either of the use of an equipment not answering specifications pointed out in the point 2, or the appearance of a bug or of an incompatibility.

Maximilien Descubes will not be able also to be kept representative for indirect damage (such for example as a loss of market or loss of a chance) consecutive in the use of the chauffeurprivelarochelle.com site.

Interactive areas (possibility of asking questions in the space contact) are at the disposal of users. Maximilien Descubes reserves the right to abolish, without prior demand, any contents deposited in this space which would contravene applicable legislation in France, especially dispositions relating to the protection of data. If necessary, Maximilien Descubes also saves the possibility of implicating the civil and/or criminal liability of the user, notably in case of message with racist, insulting, slanderous character, or pornographic, whatever is the used support (text,photograph…).