Since January 1st, 2010, persons’ transport in return for remuneration is regulated by a new decree appeared to the Official journal of the French Republic. In France, only the cars of four places at the very least driven by the tenured drivers of the identity card accruing and having necessary skills are allowed there. Vehicles and authorised personnel are controlled by Prefectures to assure this service.

Any order performed to the society “CPLR” entraine the acceptance of the entirety of the conditions of sale (below), which make integral part of the contract of transport signed between the society “CPLR” and its principal. Any modification offered by one of the parts can be accepted after agreement written by both parts.



The rate transfer applies to the direct transport non-stop since the point of taking care up to no arrival, the service ending immediately afterwards.

Our rates are applicable with one safe 10% VAT for driver’s service the only VAT 20%.

Prices pointed out agree all taxes included and include vehicle, benefit driver, insurance for the transported persons, the fuel. Tolls and parkings not initially envisaged in itinerary, entries on sites (museums, Theatres, castles, domains) reside payable by the client. The meals of the clients are not included in the price of benefit.

Passed on to each other price corresponds to a price by vehicle, whatever is the number of persons. The quantity of transported luggage is limited by the capacity of the vehicle, object of an information prior to the client.

For any services, excepted transfers up to a place of RDV or of collective transport, including the beach per hour between 12 hand 14h, 19h and 21h, a meal will be invoiced in supplement.

Prices pointed out on our estimates are valid only 15 days after the date of edition.

Kilometres and time are counted departure garage and return garage Rochelle 17000. Any overtaking of time and kilometre not envisaged in the initial estimate will make the object of an additional invoicing. Every begun hour is owed.



On receiving of your request, we will forward you an estimate corresponding to the given elements. This estimate will have to return to us, by mail or electronic way, dated, signed and have to contain mention “Token for reservation” and “Acceptor the entirety of the general terms of the contract”. The firm reservation of the vehicle will be taken into account only in reception of the said estimate and of a valid number of bank card (with expiry date), of a down payment of a sum from 50% to 100 % prices pointed out on the estimate. The reservation by “order form”confirmed by our care, convention or others will be only accepted for the clients already having a count opened in the society.



Any reservation cancelled in 3 days (72hours) preceding the hour of taking care such as defined in the estimate accepted by the client, will be invoiced at the rate of 50 % sums of the estimate. Any reservation cancelled in 24 hours preceding the hour of taking care such as defined by the estimate accepted by the client, will be invoiced at the rate of 100 % sums of the estimate. The non-presentation of the persons to transport in appointment (address and the hour) of taking care fixed by the principal will be a case of cancellation of the contract opening right to payment of envisaged benefit and of possible damage or expenses suffered / hired by the society. The society “CPLR” promises to reimburse the price of the down payment pointed out on the estimate and paid by the client, in case she would refuse to fulfil the contract.



Benefit is valid only once, if it proved to be that the client was not present on the rendez-vous point, benefit would be definitely lost, and would give not at all straight in a refund. Any waiting, beyond a frankness of one hour, will be invoiced on the base per hour mentioned in our rates.

Any damage caused inside the vehicle will be supported by client. It is forbidden to smoke and to use some alcohol and drugs in the vehicle. The harbour of the belt in the back as in the front remains COMPULSORY. The responsibility of our drivers being hired during the period of renting of the vehicle, they have as left luggage office to respect and to make respect laws in force. Under no circumstances the client will be able to demand of the driver the overtaking of the allowed speed limit and the failure to observe of the highway code.

The society “CPLR” reserves the right to interrupt on going benefit if the driver realises that the client makes an offence, usage of drugs, alcohol consumption, the non-bolting of the seatbelt, but still if the behaviour of the clients jeopardises the security of the driver or that of rented vehicles, but also if the clients are insulting in relation to the driver.



Any modification of itinerary by the client in the course of benefit and entrainant of changes of itinerary will be able to procreate supplements to be regulated in thirds or reimbursed to the driver, at the end of benefit. In case of modification of course or of its length due to the principal, the driver will note them on his order of mission and make them sign by the representative. In case of modification of the length due to the only initiative of the principal, caused expenses will be supported of this last.



Our benefits are payable at the level of 50% in order; balance in the store of the passengers, safe for the clients benefiting from an outstanding discounted bills in our establishment. We accept the cashless regulations, cheque, kinds and bank card (visa, master, amex).



The society “CPLR” can be kept under no circumstances representative for delays over the delays of transport caused by to independent circumstances of its will : blocked road, civil engineering structure forbids to the circulation, diversion, the flooded road, traffic jams, interventions on the road way of police forces (police, customhouses, firemen, etc. (Without this list being limitative). In case of immobilisation of the vehicle in the course of itinerary owed to a mechanical fault, an accident or damage (deterioration, flight), the society “CPLR” will try hard to assure the continuity of course, either with one of its vehicles, or with a vehicle chartered to another company and promises to tell the principal.



The vehicle and the driver will be provided with ship’s papers necessary for the smooth running of all service. The principal and the passengers are required to conform to prescripts applicable to the persons and to their luggage in the crossed country. In accordance with law in force in any public places, it is officially forbidden to smoke on board of the vehicle. In accordance with the dispositions of the code of bars, it is forbidden to use alcoholic beverages on board of the vehicle. The harbour of the seat belt is compulsory for all passengers in vehicles provided with this equipment.



In case of litigation, the only one will be competent the Court dealing with trade disputes of Rochelle or quite other jurisdiction in the only choice of the society “CPLR”.

Any claim must be payed for the attention of the society “CPLR” within week after the end of the execution of the benefit of concerned transport.

The present General terms of Sale and the operations which follow from it between the Contractor and the Client are governed by and subjected to French law. The present General terms of Sale are written in French language. In case they would be translated into one or several foreign languages, alone the French text would be authentic in case of litigation.

All litigations to which the operations of purchase and of sale concluded inaccordance with the present general terms of sale could give rise, concerning so much their validity, their interpretation, their execution, their termination, their consequences and their continuation and that would not have been able to be solved amicable between the seller and the client, will be subjected to courts of competent jurisdiction in non political conditions.