Short and long distance journeys

Whether you have a plane or a train to take, a business or a leisure trip to do, a long distance journey or a simple one to downtown, C.P.L.R adapts its service to your needs of transportation.

Door to door service

Whether you need a transport from the airport or from the train station, for a departure from your hotel or from home, your Chauffeur comes to you to greet you and give you assistance with the carrying and the loading of your personal belongings.

Reliability and Rapidity

You receive your quotation by mail, with the final price of the service. Then, no more surprise due to the traffic jams or potential works on the road. You pay your booking in advance, thanks to our securised payment system. Then, no more worry for the payment on site.

Qualified bilingual Chauffeur

You are taken in charge by a bilingual professional Chauffeur, certified by a professional assignation and a licence from the French Ministry of Transport and Ecology.

Available Day and Night

C.P.L.R assists you in your transportation needs, on booking, anytime, day and night.

Group transport

Thanks to its six passengers seats, the C.P.L.R’s vehicule is the ideal partner for your group journeys. The rate remains the same whether you are 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people.

Booking in advance

You are insured in advance of you Chauffeur presence at the chosen place, at the requested time, and so of the price of the service, thanks to our forfeit price system. Then, you can manage your budget of transport.

A Personal Chauffeur at your service

Your Chauffeur is here to fulfill all your expectations. As a specialist of his region and its surroundings, he provides all the information you need, and makes his best to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Some examples of practical cases

You must go to Bordeaux, Nantes, Poitiers, Paris, or any other destination, and you don’t have the vehicule to make it ? Enjoy a vehicule with great comfort to travel with serenity.

You are a company and wish your clients or co-workers visiting your area to be taken care of with courtesy and professionalism, according to the image of your company ? Your Chauffeur takes care of your guests since their arrival until their departure.

You are in a business trip, and wish to enjoy the services of a comfortable vehicule with its driver, for you and your fellow workers, in order to reach your different appointments in the area ? Your personal Chauffeur escort you in all your moving, and remains at disposal during all your stay.

You are going out tonight, and neither you or your spouse wants to bother about the driving in order to fully enjoy the night ? Your Chauffeur leaves you at the spot you chose, and comes back to pick you up whenever you want him to.

You are the manager of a hotel or a “bed and breakfast”, and are willing to offer an original and high class service to your guests ? A Chauffeur takes care of your customers since their arrival to the train station or the airport, and escort them to your place, with courtesy and professionalism.